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Hurricane Sexy
19 August
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13013, 1337, a clockwork orange, aaron, agnosticism, alex, anime, arj barker, at the drive-in, atreyu, avril lavigne sucks, bad au, badfic, badger, badvision, bandages, bastard, bastian, bear is driving, beavis and butthead, beck, bil dwyer, biohazard, brian regan, car full of midgets, carl sagan, carlos mencia, chris farley, chris kattan, cockaroach, computers, cosmos, crash team racing, ctr, culture club, curly for president, dane cook, dante decaro, darwin, david spade, deuce, dizziness, drawing, drunkmagikoopa, dumb and dumber, dustin hawthorne, engrish, escaflowne, evolution, falkor, fire, flogging molly, fork you, freud, gabriel iglesias, gah, garth algar, gary stus, green tea, greg behrendt, guys with long hair, hal, hal sparks, have a good sleep, headaches, hot hot heat, hugalugah, hurricane sexy, i am tired, idiotic fangirls, im sexy, intoxicati, ivory tower, jane's addiction, jay and silent bob, jerkcity, jim gaffigan, joey kola, john lennon, john lydon, john ritchie, johnny lydon, johnny rotten, johnny sanchez, jon, jon stewart, judy gold, kevin james, knock knock knock, larry the cable guy, le le low, legomance, lewl, little tortilla boy, lolnoob, loz, mafia, make up the breakdown, marty stus, mary sues, matt marnik, megido, michael moore, mini diet pepsis, mitch hedberg, modest mouse, more for show, mystery men, neverending story, no not now, o wow, omfg hitl0r, omgbidhctb, oranges and mexicans, owned, pablo, pablo francisco, pants, paradise kiss, paul hawley, pip, pralines and dick, rage against the machine, rands, rat bastard, ratl, reading, red hot chili peppers, ron white, scenes one through thirteen, sid vicious, silhouette mirage, soft cell, south park, spigot, steve bays, the clash, the clock crew, the sex pistols, the simpsons, thrift stores, tommy boy, wangst, watching tv, wayne campbell, wayne's world, will farrell, woh coll, writing, zach galifinakis